SACEE Creative Writing Essay – Ezra

Before long they saw in the distance the towers and flags sparkling in the sunshine, there stood the gates of the great city of Archen, the knights of the blood oath stood on the pathway into the city their rust red armor glimmering brilliantly like gems freshly raised from the earth. The red color a stark reminder of the knights’ blood oath that gave them their name, an oath often associated with the darkest of wizardry and spell of the dark times. As they approached the gates of this great city they gazed in awe at the Knights who stood as motionless as statues. Their entire village had arrived overcoming great adversary throughout the kingdom from man and beast alike. Many broke into tears, there had been so much loss, so much pain and now they had finally arrived.

At the lead James turned to face the eager faces of the villagers, climbing atop a wagon, the driver angrily waving his arms at him. He drew his breath this would be his last speech to them as a group and that from here on out the chances of him seeing any of them again were slim.
“Here… We stand, victorious over all those who dared tell us we would not! From the siege of the village by the hands of the armies of Nisle,” Everyone shuddered as images of the black armored marauders appeared in their minds, the memories of holding the village for three long months as more and more slowly died of hunger evoked grieved tears and resentful growls from many, James raised his hand for silence before continuing “we rose and leaving all behind us we moved, we traveled for many leagues survived through the harshest and most dangerous of situations and have thrived. We now stand here at our final destination together we who had sworn to stand together to the bitter end. Now we stand here at last. Men! You held steadfast during the times of hardship prioritizing the women and children before yourselves, you fought until you could no longer hold your sword and then you got up and fought with your fists. Women! You showed bravery where none may believe there to be, you cared for the injured, tended to their wound both of the body and of the soul. This in my eyes sets you all of you gathered before me in my eyes on the same level as any, and I mean any of these Knights before us. You have showed bravery in the face of danger and proved to me that even in the deepest depths of despair there can be hope!” Now the villagers were cheering many a joyous tear rolled down the cheeks of men, women and children alike.

James smiled and stepping off the wagon he casually tossed the wagon drives two silver pieces.
“Thank you for allowing me the use of your wagon” The driver stared up at him in frozen disbelief.
“Y…You’re” he stammered
“Yes I am he.” James replied the wagon driver whipped his reigns and set his horses forward in full gallop through into the city yelling all the way.
“The prince has returned! The people’s prince has returned!” The people of the village roared and began moving into the city.

James turned as he watched them go. Smiling gently “so this is what it feels like to lead” He thought to himself, he had been brought out of hiding by these people; they had renewed his hope for humanity, and better yet revived his fighting spirit.


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