So we are just a group of goofmuffins(I guess). Who used to have our own(or still currently do) blogs and as a result of either 1) Lack of followers or 2) Lack of interest we gave them up. Now we’re back and better than ever (I hope) working as a collab blog. Look forward to our future posts and exploits, until then, look to the East and wait.

Wait, whats this? You want to know more? Well, I guess I could give you our names, will that sate your thirst? I, your loyal founder since way back in the day (th3oth3rsid3 days) am Ezra Mugadza (mugga) also the administrator of this… Collab blog. Editors include Shahil Poonsamy(the 0rg0tten bl0g), Daniel Lee (That Old Sofa), William Shoki (Shokispeare) as well as the first of many occasional authors, Kondwani Mwanza (Kondi17).

You’re still here? Seriously, you guys are nosy. Well then, how about some background? We (all the writers and contributors to the blog) all live in a particular country, on a particular planet known as Earth. Except for Daniel, he lives on a cloud, migrating wherever the wind takes him. One day we’ll tell you the story about hooking up his wifi, it was a nightmare. Anyway, back to normality; we all attend a particular school at which we enjoy our everyday lives very well. We each live at a particular address and are of a particular set of ages and we were all born to our parents of whom we are sure love us very much(I hope).

I’d say I’ve leaked enough information for now. Maybe too much…


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