Okay for real this time. I’m back.

Posted: April 12, 2015 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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Well after much consideration and contemplation I’ve decided to return to the blogging world I almost pulled the plug on this but when I remembered how fun it was to just put myself out there in the form of little electronic… pages.

Well as proof of that I’m back for good here. is. (drum roll) Another chapter of my book! refined and ready to read also following this post I’ll be looking into various things such as; Tech-news, Gaming news, Movie news and the like so look forwards to that! and until then cya 😉


The forest was still ashes fell from the sky like black snow. The wind that had been whipping through the land had frozen. The restless earth was finally silent. The sounds of battle that had echoed constantly paused, the malice in the air now dissipated and the dark clouds along with it. From the center of the clearing in which the battle had roared its last heave, five figures rose on after another trembling slightly.

The enemy had been subdued, now they began to cast a spell, the enemy encircled by them unstoppable in his malice growled as they began chanting, a spell to seal away and to bind, the wind started up again but gently only flowing softly through the grass.

The magic began to take form, a white flash echoed through the forest, heralding the return of life. The grass sprang out as the darkness was pushed back and destroyed. Animals moved out of hiding as the land was healed. The first a whit snow hare bounding out from a frosty bed of ash and snow.

Though all seemed right the five where crying as the spell completed.

They knew this peace would not last and later it would be left to others to save this world from destruction yet again. The wind grew colder and sharper faster and harsher. The black snow stopped falling but the sun refused to shine the animals quivered. Silence returned the world was mourning, mourning the loss of magic. Yet another shade of magic had ebbed away from the world, it still drained as it was absorbed and scattered, never to be whole again.

The five cried over the loss of this magic and a friend. The wind began to die down the first early rays of the sun lit the world and as the darkness seeped out of the black snow it turned to white. The first animal crawled out of hiding; a hare leading the way for others as the sun gently caressed the grieving world.

So it was the world began a new day from the ashes of the last, the last age of true magic had come to an end. Man as one rose from the rubble of his own cities these sites of Great War between man, beast and all manner of being. Now a settling peace laid itself over the land and there was peaceful silence.

So it was this first day of the new world began and passed but very much unlike any day before, this was a day of reflection looking back at the wars and conflict. Regret, sadness, grief, hopelessness these were the emotions this new world was born to. Yet there in and among this darkness there was light; the light of hope, joy, peace, life, magic.

As this day end darkness settled over the world, but unlike darkness that had been before this wore far more lightly upon the world and so it was on this day the world had dawned without free magic, without magic that was boundless. So was end the age of great magic and so began the age of order, but to last how long?


Oh and this is the old book I just started again from the top fixing stuff after I lost most of the pages >.<


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