I’m back(for now(hopefully))

Posted: August 28, 2014 by Ezra The Mad in Uncategorized
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So yeah its been a while(almost a year to be exact) and this blog has been very silent(I apologize). For a number of reasons really but I wont go into those, however in the time I and the other writers on this blog have been away we have had time to develop our individual writing talent. With this I hope we may be able to rekindle this blog perhaps get this old thing back on its feet and start it running in the right direction.

I personally will be looking into writing more book/story focused articles wherein I will slowly egg myself on to writing and publishing my book which was put on hold a number of times for varying reasons. The other writers of this blog may return or may not all I know for certain is that I’m back for now, hopefully, with more tricks up my sleeve and a few surprises.

On that front I suppose that’s it see ya later internet


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