Why They Should Make A Dead Space 4

Posted: August 4, 2013 by Matkicail in Daily Rant
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What’s up all my good looking bloggers.

Today (if the title didn’t give it away) I’m going to talk about why EA should try and continue the Dead Space series.

Okay now before we begin , if you my good sir/madam are looking for a non-bias tale of this, I am not your answer regretably.

Back to buisness on this.
Dead Space is by far one of the best third person horror games I have ever played, close quater combat added the feeling of fear since it got clostrophobic (need i mention those bloody vents, I kept looking at them thinking ‘ I’m watching you… ‘) and because of this you always went frantic looking for that Necromorph that has just popped out. This game also had those constant feelings of despair when you saw the people that are still alive mourning or just crying which maybe wasn’t as scary as the insane doctor in the original Dead Space or our little physcotic in Dead Space 2 Mr Stross and taking Elie’s eye out (be careful you’ll take somebody’s eye out jeez) and this lead to story enhancers which made the game fun to play for story-line. Not to mention sometimes the largest area could be the scariest or the most difficult e.g the original Dead Space where you’re in the agriculturial sector with Necromorphs every where; Dead Space 2 with two horrific areas the mines where you have just come in and there’s a constant back and forth movement since Stross hasn’t left yet or the Church (one freaky place to note,).

Now all those points you just read up there, yes those ones, Dead Space 3 didn’t use those to the best they could, You’re probably going to say what about Elie and what she’s done or the battle against the cold, yes while you are correct they just don’t have those feelings of true isolation or fear since it’s kind of obvious (look obviously they’re good but look at what some close combat can do like on top of the drill in Dead Space 2 or story-line change in the original Dead Space). They just didn’t have it and fighting humans was more often annoying than beneficial for fear (I play Dead Space for crazy mutated creatures that will come to haunt me at night not for people, too Resident Evil (may i still state a game that does it perfectly, Clive Barker’s: Jericho  if you haven’t played it trust me it is insane and also cheap) so I want evolved Necromorphs that show creativity).  Dead Space 3 didn’t have much close quater combat (if you disagree please comment, I like different takes on these things) I know there was a bit but not like it’s predecessors where you were RUNNING and turning back to fire off a few rounds or place some mines).

It did have some really epic things going for it though, for instance these things her.
Upgrade system: Love or hate the old node system this added a true survival feeling, you had collected these resources now you had to think ‘ what will help me the most? ‘ well that added a lot especially the gun choices.
Guns: You decide them that’s EPIC, you might be the guy with a ripper who will add maybe a flame thrower or grenades and I’m that guy who just makes rifles and Javeline guns.
Suites: A new intelligent feel
Multiplayer: Now I am a man for the old version where it’s Necromorphs vs Humans, the new one isn’t as competitive but allows you and your friend a insane experience into fear together so now when you scream like a fiver year old they can hold it against you.

See these are all reasons why I LOVE this series and beg the EA team to continue Dead Space the game Viscreal kicked off. This Series had me playing on Zealot, Hard and at one stage HARD CORE so this game was a real difficult one to beat on such levels but afterwards you were like ‘ YES and I only rage quited about 37 times, I’m so bad ass can’t wait to tell… wait .’

Although after Dead Space 3 their sales flopped and didn’t go to plan I believe if they go back to their roots this game will be worthwhile since they have a brilliant system and innovation driving them and that’s why I love the series and in itself EA (maybe also because they gave me Mass Effect and Command & Conquer: Generals)

Thanks for reading brohansolo and please comment on your opinion or like it if you want more of this type of blog. Thanks a lot guys and you too female gamers (You scarce but worthwhile bunch)
If you enjoyed the game there is a movie about what happened on the USG Ishimuria before Isaac got on board.


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