That Moment After Exams

Posted: August 1, 2013 by Matkicail in Daily Rant

What’s up all my good looking bloggers.

I’m sure all of us have definitely written exams in our life (unless you have n’t gone to school and can read this then well done, you should show that off some more you lucky bugger). Now for the rest of us we have to study and well if you’re like me you probably don’t do too much studying and keep putting it off.

Now there are a few people you always see in exams and especially in high school (college in America) now these people are.
The Top 10 person: That person who does extremely well at all the academic subjects. They also get in the 90s range for tests and exams. Now these guys worry over the small thing like ‘ I can’t believe I only got 84%, I’m so angry now I’ll work a a fast food resteraunt.’ Needless to say that is annoying if you get in the 70s.

Average: Well gets the same as the class average or well 70s in my country.

Under Achiever: Now I can speak about this one. It’s that guy who gets marks in the 60s and teachers complain saying he could be top 10 but just doesn’t try. No studying or any real effort just does the tests and the exams. difference is this guy is normally considerably intelligent.

Doesn’t care/ Can’t do it: This guy just doesn’t care or try too much for the work and can’t do it well and his marks go down from the average and normally a large amount down ( 50s at times).

Now for me during the exams here’s what goes through my head ‘ I can do this, it’s not difficult, we got taught this stuff so come one. ‘ Now after the exam I’ll go and talk to my friends who also wrote the exam and they’ll always argue who was right about one question. That’s where I begin to get a little worried (don’t we all). Then I go very religous on it and start asking G-d for help and all to make sure I was right (I’m Jewish by the way). Then I start wondering about all the things i could have got wrong then and here’s where I start worrying a LOT. It all starts with that moment after exams so if you’re still at school or in uni I would say just study and remember you’re work with a little extra time added to you’re studying time. It should help and don’t get in arguments about the questions afterwards that guy who is in top 10 or wants to be there might not be your friend after it (they take it insanely seriously).

So what I would like to know is how you feel about exams or gradings. You know if it stresses you out a

exam results


nd what you do since we are all different and I’ve never been stressed by exams (lucky or maybe not). All I know is that I wish i could go back to pre-primary school with all the knowledge I have now and do it all over (pre-primary is like kinder garden). Thanks for reading drop your comments below or send me an email at



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