Europa Unversallis IV Overview

Posted: July 31, 2013 by Matkicail in Daily Rant
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What’s up all my good looking bloggers?

Today I’m gonna talk about a game you might not have heard or known before this… Europa Universalis IV, this game is insanely fun as a single-player or multi-player game. I’ll put it this way. (If you have heard of this game please comment below, I’d like your take on this game and what I say about it brohansolo)

The makers of this game is a studio called Paradox who release quite a few games around the RTS genre ( Real Time Strategy ) but this game is their champion title holder ( to me ) here’s why.

This game lets you play as any country in Europe (or the world), the game gives you a historical start where you choose your country or you can swap at any time you choose (great for cheating which is excellent if you’re a noob (like me we all take some time to get into a new game) but you have the power to change history. This game allows you to play even as the smallest nations that get destroyed at the start and if you’re good enough change their fate (that small action might mess up a few countries in the future). For instance I generally play as France ( yes by far one of the easiest and noob countries ), I go on a war path and take out all my rivals I can think of to create the closest thing to modern France which may put me back in technology and how other countries view me but feels great. Now you have to put the income you earn from each state in your country into different sliders which fuel technology advances and how your people fight for you. You also could play a game of diplomacy and make alliances and friendships and make your country through colonization (a small or medium states plan). You could vassalize smaller countries so that you could annex them and grow without a war but here comes in the next problem Revolts.

Revolts are a major part in the game for instance what destroys my country when I don’t place forts in my states and suddenly some new country is formed ( hey look mum look what I did. I made America and lost almost all my colonies).  See people aren’t always happy with their ruler and try to become their own states which are realistic but annoying for the guy who spent half his game making those colonies.  They can rebel for nationalism or because they have a different religion so it’s good to be a people pleaser (brown nosing will keep you alive).

The game when people see me playing the previous one always comments ‘ what you playing, Risk? ‘For some reason I find that very annoying and embarrassing as Risk single player would be a Forever alone moment. Which is why I love the multiplayer where a friend and I will play and team up? I plan with him to attack a power house country with him ( I’m a large country and he is normally a medium country ) then as he declares the war I just don’t join ( Scumbag and troll ) of course he gets wiped out and well we might start over ( Still worthwhile ). This makes the multiplayer totally worthwhile and all my monies just to be playing with my friends but hey the single payer is a brilliant strategy.

Now here comes the reason why Europe is king pin. As European countries you actually tech up while virtually all the other countries don’t do too much the further they are from Europe (Western Europe) so an ally in the far east wouldn’t be too helpful since the tech is relatively old and primitive to Europe’s until the neighbour bonus kicks in (You get discounted tech and extra added if you’re neighbour has better tech which helps even the game). Overall I really do like this game a lot (I hope you do to so I hopefully don’t get lynched). I will definitely buy the new Europa Universalis IV releasing shortly. Thanks for reading and here’s a let’s play (the only one at current)

Hope to see all you good looking bloggers again and remember comment below

Europa Gameplay


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