Start of the week

Posted: July 29, 2013 by kondi17 in Daily Rant
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Whats up my Loyal Ninjas. I’m Kondi17 a new author for Contemporary thoughts. If you don’t know yet I have another blog at, called All About Awesome where I talk about some movie news and other Awesome stuff. Anyway I’ll be using this blog to chat about my general life as described in my post on my other blog. Lets get started. Isn’t it complicated being a Teen? I mean on top of all the pressures of school, theres the pressure of dating and other social stuff like being cool. Back when we were younger no one cared what we looked like or what we wore it was you that mattered. Now as a Teen you have to worry about your hair, your clothers and how you approach yourselves. you need to have the latest phones, the coolest car and the list goes on and on. Anyway enough about that stuff lets talk about my week. We have exams and I think there going well. Though lets be honest I didn’t study as hard as I could have for them. I have a ton of friends and I love, movies. I in fact want to be a movie director when I grow up. I love Marvel its my favourite of all comic companies, I even have ideas for movies and comics but I can’t get a hold of Stan Lee’s email address. Hey, it would be amazing if one of you could get me his email address if you happen to have it I don’t know it would be awesome. If you want I could put up a poll on my other blog and share some of my ideas, let me know on the comments section and I’ll get right to it, see if you people wanna hear my ideas. I’ll also be putting up cool riddles and stuff on my other blog set up as a poll. This will be done weekly on Fridays. That is when I post, Fridays. Anyway let me know, comment, share and check out my other blog All About Awesome Peace Out Ninjas


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