Our Numbers Grow

Posted: July 28, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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Hey so I’m back! Just pretend that two week or so long gap never happened, to help you get over it I have also enlisted…. A new writer!!! Yes that’s right it will no longer be just boring old me writing but now we have a second writer(Editor really). Say a big hello to Shahil Poonsamy, William Shoki, Daniel Lee, Kondwani Mwanza otherwise known as thef0rg0ttenbl0g(A bit of a keyboard-full I know), Shokispeare, dan2506, Kondi17 their first post should be up so look forward to some crazy stuff. Also in honor of our new writers I am updating the blogs Theme and background images (Yay pretty stuff)

So I have been sitting here all weekend listening to Eagles and playing HALO 1 and a couple other games’ multiplayer and i realized I haven’t studied for next weeks exams. Naturally I began stressing then as if on cue, Eagle’s Pretty Little Maids All In A Row played. Then I just stopped, I wasn’t thinking or moving, just sitting listening to the song, and when it was over I sat up, grabbed my mouse and started watching a movie thus stopping myself from guilt tripping myself into studying because I wasn’t wasting my time playing games instead of studying physics, I was using my time watching movies instead of studying physics. I am a terrible example for anyone who wants to get good marks in school to follow.

Well this is me.


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