The Smoken Mirror

Posted: July 12, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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I stand and staring into the supposed “other” dimension. The me beyond this barrier stares back at me, our movements the same. This is me or me in another place, I am me but the me staring back at me is not the me I know to be me, this me is a me I have never considered, possibly the true me? This me that has friends, enemies, acquaintances, first and last loves. Maybe this is me a reflection of me?

What if there are other me’s endlessly destroyed and reconstructed by my actions and those around me? Are there more of me surely if the me I see in my mind is different to the me I see now then there are more me’s in  the eyes and minds of others? If so is there really a true me or am I just a collection of memories and opinions kept by others and myself? Yet if I can have an opinion and memories of myself the I truly do exist and if I do exist there must be a true form of me, but how do I unearth this true me?

This me that seemingly hides in the shadow that I only ever get a glimpse of confused and distorted as if through a smoken mirror? This tireless search for me through others and myself, through my memories and opinions, my ideas and thoughts, my writing and speech. This staring into the smoken mirror that reflects me and that within me, my blog this is my smoken mirror and my search for myself through it.

So my choice of blog name really isn’t just for the sake of sounding cool or something like that. This is where I keep my ramblings that are the result of my daily struggle to get through life(with a little fun on the way).

Ezra Definitions:
“Smoken Mirror” a warped and smoke-tinted mirror that does not reflect clearly but rather distorts the image it is meant to reflect.

  1. dan2505 says:

    I’m sorry, Ezra, do you know that there’s no such word as ‘smoken’?

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