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This Chapter is a bit off and i’m wondering whether to get rid of it any opinions?

Chapter 6

Angelica woke with a start the scream still ringing in her ears her throat raw she was breathing heavily. That was the second time tonight. Her nightmares had plagued her for the past month, her nightmare in which she had found herself running she had found herself running into the embrace of darkness running from voices and pain terrible aching pain. It had been a month now since Sam had saved her drowning in the ocean. At times the darker side of her laughed when she was finally ready to die that was when she was saved.

Roxanne sat up on the bed across from her and banged her head on a low hanging beam grimacing in pain she turned and faced Angelica.
“A nightmare?” Angelica nodded “Which one?” She turned.
“The usual running and then falling…”
“Was there really nothing different, nothing that could explain why you keep getting this same nightmare, nothing that could help I mean honestly like not even a single speck of dust was different?”
“No it’s a re-run an endless re-run I really should stop getting frightened it’s always the same and I know exactly what happened on that day even if my memory of days before is blocked.” Roxanne yawned
“Okay then go back to bed we’ll talk more in the morning”
“Yet why there are never any stars I don’t understand I’m pretty sure that I remember seeing stars and also it was in an open field sort of place. My mind must be making stuff up” But Roxanne was already asleep.

She was running this time in an open field more like a large flat expanse of solid land. Behind here there were voices some familiar others not. They spoke in slurred sentences so slow she could not understand them but all she knew was the she had to get away, but the voices and the pain got closer. As the voices and the pain got closer the ground began to turn sticky dragging her to slow down and rest but she wouldn’t be fooled she ran fast faster than she had ever run before the ground started hardening the pain and voices falling behind a warmth spread all over her it lasted only seconds before being replaced by a bone chilling cold and a stabbing pain in her chest soon the pain eased but the warmth did not return suddenly she lost her footing. Unable to see in the pitch black dark she tumbled the voices and pain grow louder and clearer but then the ground opened up and swallowed her.

Angelica woke with a start the scream still ringing in her ears her throat raw she was breathing heavily. She sat up swinging her legs over the edge of the cot she had to accept as a bed, there had been a shortage of beds on the ship when she had joined. She was lucky that she was still classified as being in a state of recovery otherwise she would be sleeping in a hammock in the below decks with the other members of crew. Roxy had told her she would let her bunk in her room if she wanted. Angelica wasn’t sure if it was allowed but planned to ask the captain at the next full-crew meeting in two weeks’ time.

Standing up she slipped on an overcoat and a pair of fur-lined boots the area over which they were sailing was at a constantly freezing temperature. Opening the cabin door she found she had come above deck just in time to watch the sun rise her favourite time of day when the night coldness was still sharp but the sun’s rays danced on the gently flowing water. Not only was it quiet but with the morning air crisp clean with a salty breeze blowing in from almost every direction, she felt calm and at her best. She did her morning stretches and began to climb the rigging. She had decided to be a rigger after two week because not only did she get to talk with Roxanne a lot but she also loved high places she loved to climb them and look down at the world below her, she loved the small yet intricate knots required to lash a rope to the mast in itself a world on its own. She felt she would never grow tired of such things as every day brought a new experience. The only thing she dreaded was her lessons.

Every morning before she would begin her rigging shift she, Roxanne and Sam would have lessons with Lady Milton a woman, of which Angelica, Sam and Roxanne highly doubted, ruled the classroom with an iron fist giving no lee-way. Angelica was expected to catch up with and keep up with Sam and Roxanne who by the standards of Toran knew enough to be attending an institute of higher education or university. Yet Lady Milton refused to accept this even when Angelica caught up Twenty years’ worth of math, science, English and other subjects in one month she refused to even allow them to spend a single day off including holidays and weekends.
“there is no need to waste ones opportunities in life by taking time off” was one of her main sayings in response to this Angelica, Sam and Roxy worked together to cast a spell that could make the target forget memories that the caster selects. Asking their magic teacher, an elf by the name of Lorin, for assistance in certain ways to manipulate magic in such a way it can affect a person’s sub-conscious.
“What you are asking me to tell you about is a magic that has been long shunned upon. Magic that allows you to entre another person’s mind. It may not be banned but it’s very close to it.” After lots of debating they finally managed to get Lorin to teach them the magic.

It took six months of gruelling training but in the end they were all capable to use their telepathy to forcefully entre another person’s mind and take control of them.
“ You still are only capable of rudimentary possession so it will only last about five seconds before then your will lose control also you will find it much harder to assault a guarded mind.
“Wait a guarded mind?” Asked Sam
“oh that’s right I was going to teach you about that. A person can erect defences around their mind to defend themselves from attack by another person.”
“How?” Sam asked
“There are many ways… Some of them easier than others, I will tell you the main ones. Firstly your entire mind on one object and nothing else meaning the person trying to entire your mind cannot see anything but whatever you are focusing on this is the easiest to break through but also the easiest to train. You can also use your magic to create walls that block out telepathy the material used to make this is very complicated and requires a weavers assistance”
“If you plan on interrupting me at every important point I will never get to telling you all that I have to tell you.”
“Sorry” Mumbled Sam
“Hmmm… I’ll explain to you any way. As you know there are many types of magic. In fact tell me what is magic?”
“The ability to manipulate the energy that flows in the air” Sam responded
“Good description but that’s not complete in actual fact magic is the ability to manipulate and create the energy that is everywhere.”
“Then a weaver is…”
“Exactly a person who can weave material from the energy that flows” Lorin told him
“But why haven’t I heard of weavers before?”
“do you want help or answers?”
“Both preferably” Replied Sam


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