Perspective Perception |Part 2|

Posted: June 30, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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With our perspective in mid we then move to see things through our perception. Which is heavily changed through our perspective. The associations which we had made through our perspective also carry over to here making up the emotional aspect of our perspective. Allow me to elaborate by our perspective from which we are taught to make associations of that which we perceive, the associations are our perception as our perception is what we associate with and therefore even if we see the same thing we could believe it to mean something completely different.

How are we taught to make these associations. I believe it happens in a number of ways; firstly there is self realisation, this isn’t exactly what it sounds like as we ourselves cannot truly just learn how to associate something out of the blue. We have to learn at least a small portion from others but then we ourselves fill in the gaps with our own knowledge or experience.

Secondly there is subconscious rationalisation wherein we learn to associate something by being exposed to it continually that we eventually adopt a perception of what the situation or object is for what we have seen it for in our time and we simply know it as that instinctively. This I believe is the most commonly used by us in our daily lives.

Thirdly there is peer enforced association, in which we learn to associate something by what our peers or other human based sources tell us. However unlike self realisation we have no prior knowledge of the situation or object and therefore we have to tak what we do see and hear from these human based sources. This is another more common form of association development.

As you see we have essentially two forms of association generation methods; That which others give to us and that which we make ourselves. All this then boils down to influence, what we allow to influence us. This therefore builds our perception.

I believe for us to truly start to understand the world around us we must learn to understand the perception/s of others, to do that we must begin understanding one another’s perspectives.

Well I’ve expended myself hopefully I added a little something to all of you reading.

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