Perspective Perception | Part 1|

Posted: June 28, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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So the overall idea of these next posts, is that I want to get across an idea of perception. Our perception on things and ideas of ourselves and our perspective which is very much tightly linked to our perception. So if I do see to be getting lost and you begin to think I’m forgetting the point or not getting to it bear with me, if you are an avid reader of my blog you would know that this post is going to be deep. Very deep and serious, to the point of which it becomes the Les Miserables of blog posts(I’m talking the book not the movie, which you must read if you ever get the chance its an amazing book if just a bit of a drag at times, that is if you don’t like too much detail.).

So what do I mean by Perspective? Well by perspective I mean our personal view on the world and things that interact with us in our daily lives, it is the way we see these things that is our perspective. The way we see things from our own point of view, as we see them. Take for example the colour red; now my interpretation to what the colour red looks like could be very different to say for example bob’s interpretation. I could see the colour red manifest it self in the image of say; a bull, anger because it is from my perspective that the colour red is to be associated with these images because I might have lived my whole life seeing red or being taught to see red in situations where anger is great. However Bill sorry I meant Bob (I’m forgetting my own fake friends’ names) may associate the colour red with; Roses, Love because he instinctively associates with romanticism.

Though these are examples of our emotional perspective there is also direct perspective. Wherein an object is seen for what it is albeit tainted by our own ideas of it. Such as the green I see in the grass could be and is most probably different from the green Bob sees or my dog sees. This is a more easy phenomenon to name. It is quite simply the difference in our physical eyes and the parts of the brain that handle it. However I do feel this could have a serious emotional(sorry I couldn’t find a better word… Or maybe superficial… Nah…Moving on though…) effect on us.

Take for example this idea that the greens we see may be different therefore if you think about it, this is also an idea tainted by how we were raised and what we were taught to associate with. The green I see might be different from the green you see because we have been taught to associate green differently. This carries over to people as well, and circumstances as some people would view certain situations differently as they have been raised to associate certain scenarios differently.

All this and more makes up our perspective, the way we see things, the way we were taught to see things and the we learnt to see things.

——————————-End of part 1


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