My book (an idea page)

Posted: June 25, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Uncategorized
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So I decided to try one story arc for my book (It has a sort of multi-dimensional feel to it.) and this is one of the dimensions. 

The deep musty smell of the wood infused with the sharp salty smell that she smelled earlier created a smell that allured a feeling of safety that coupled with the continuous up and down of the area which she had been sleeping in made her want to fall asleep again but suddenly her mind filled with the memories of what had happened her eyes flicked open and she saw the face of a man with black hair and brown eyes. He had a well-trimmed beard but no moustache.
“Hmm… you’re awake” She sat up quickly… too quickly “don’t sit up too quickly you-” her head then smacked against a low beam. Sighing she instantly fell unconscious her head thumping back onto the bed.

Sam turned as soon as he heard the thump. He ran down to the lower deck find his father sitting next to the bed in which the person they had found drifting in the ocean two months earlier.

“She woke up but she tried to get up too quickly.” He grimaced “made the same mistake you’ve made countless times when you woke up from a nightmare. Sam grimaced at the memories. 

His dad had brought him up on his ship Christina from a very young age. Sam did not know who his mother was or were she was but that didn’t bother him as he and his father had lots of work to do keeping the ship in good condition. In the modern world there was very little love for ships as old as the one his father was captain of.

As well as that there were other things to keep him and his father busy one of those was fighting the corporations and save the people whom they wished to enslave. The people who had the gift.

The gifted they were called. Sam was one of them, those who are capable of channelling the energy that flows through the universe harnessing it using their own energy to convert it and condense it into whichever form they wanted or needed.

Sam had joined the captain and his crew when he had been five he soon learned the craft of seamanship. He and the rest of the crew including the captain had been searching the world for people to recruit in the on-going war against the corporations. They had been sailing around the continent to see what lay beyond in uncharted waters when they had happened to sail past an island which was heavily guarded. In an attempt to figure out what was happening on this island Sam had snuck under cover of darkness, scaling up a cliff, but when he reached the perimeter alarms went off ahead of him. Thinking he had been spotted he jumped off the cliff attempting to lose his would be pursuers in the ocean. He was only ten metres away from the base of the cliff when he heard commotion from above then there was a splash thinking that his pursuers were coming after him he summoned all his energy and prepared to use his gift to freeze the ocean around him, but when no other splashes accompanied the one that had come first he paused, surely they did not think it would take one person would be enough to subdue him? He then focused his mind using his gift he searched for the mind of his pursuer when he managed to locate their mind he was alarmed to find that she was drifting further and further down.


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