My Book Reborn

Posted: April 29, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Uncategorized

The Words Before The words

Alright so I have started my book again and I will show you the prologue today (woo!)


She was running through the forest, branches whipping past, some scraping against her face like the darkness around her, and reaching out to her. The moon hung high above the world, a slash into the night. The shadows of the forest looming darkness threatening to engulf her. The only thing she could think of was running… away from the light the light that followed her endlessly.

Why she was running she had forgotten but the shouting voices of the men pursuing her were getting louder. She needed to go faster she wouldn’t go back. There was no way she would.

She noticed something different the air no longer smelled as musty as before there was a faint wisp of salt in the air. She soon came up to a stone-brick wall that went up at least ten times her height there were no men posted atop it. She stopped looked around like a deer caught in the sights of a trained archer the forest had stopped a few metres back and there was nowhere to hide in the open plain that stretched out all around her. The only way to go was over.

She had to hope her pursuers weren’t too close or they would just drag her back down. That would be as far as she would get alive. She took a running leap and grabbed hold of the wall and started climbing. Grimacing in pain as the plants that grew on the wall, covered in thorns, cut her hands blood started running but the adrenalin stopped her falling down in pain. Soon she was nearly half way up the fence her pursuers had just broken through the brush of the forest.

She kept going, suddenly there was a there was the sharp twang of an arrow being released. She felt a searing pain jab through her upper arm. Her left arm gave out and she had to climb with only one arm she heard shouting coming from below.

“Hold your fire we need her alive!” came a male voice.

“But if we don’t she’ll get away!”

“I’d rather that than having to explain to the boss why she would have to be returned in a body bag” retorted the first voice.

“Fine but you’re taking the blame!”

“Yeah I know I always take the blame.”

“It doesn’t sit right with me all twenty of us and she still manages to get away”

“Remember Alcatraz her abilities far surpass those of which most of us possess.”

She quickly reached the top of the wall she then threw her leg over the end of the wall and was standing on.

“Wait there’s a door right there! Go quickly up the stairs!” The Band of men suddenly jumped back into action bringing down the door they rushed into the towers stair-case climbing to the top they arrived to find the girl starting her climb down.

“She’s getting away!”

“Mage! We need a mage!” A short man with a frightened expression was brought to the front of the mob.

“Do you have any magic that can stun?” shouted the leader of the hunting party.

“Well I suppose I-”

“I don’t want you to suppose I want an answer!” The man frightened jumped back and nodded

“Yes sir!”

“Well what are you waiting for a medal?!” the man said with a viscous smile. Reaching down the mage launched two bolts of lightning at her. She was close to the bottom of the wall but for some reason this part of the wall was much higher from the ground than the other side. She realised why, the wall was on a steep slope.

Suddenly she was struck by a jolt she screamed in pain. She tried to let go of the ledge but the shock kept her latched on. Then as suddenly as it had begun the pain was gone but her desire to let go of the wall left her a split second too late and she fell her hands reaching out before her in a vain attempt to catch the wall. She tumbled down to the earth and landed near-head first.

She rolled over onto her back and lay still on the ground breathing hard. She felt the warm embrace of unconsciousness reaching for her. She fought back and soon the feeling of falling unconscious left her she slowly opened her eyes everything was a blur the moon was now just a smear in the sky a the stars no longer looked down at the world as if ashamed of what was taking place. She heard the voices again.

“Damn I told you to stun! Now look what you’ve gone and done!”

“I… I thought she would have held on”

“That’s where the problem started you’re just a thug you shouldn’t think at all!”

Slowly she got to her feet coughing up blood as she got onto her knees.

“Hey she’s still alive!” came a voice

“Then let’s get round to the gate! Quickly!” came the voice of the leader

She started staggering away from the wall barely able to stand. Feeling dizzy at the effort she stopped to catch her breath. Forcing herself to keep going she staggered on. She teetered dangerously close to falling over but her determination to get away from her pursuers pushed her on. Now it did not matter why she was running all that mattered was that she was getting away… away from the pain.

The smell the salty smell she smelt earlier was suddenly much stronger but she did not notice she kept limping on. The voices started up again they were coming the men who were pursuing her were getting very close. Suddenly the path stopped but it took her mind a few seconds to register that she was now standing on a cliff above the ocean the waves of which that came rushing up against the base of the cliff causing the area around her to tremble.

“That’s far enough!” Alcatraz shouted above the noise of the waves “you’ve brought us on one hell of a wild ride through the forest now it’s time to go back!”

She looked at the men and then at the wild ocean below her she took a step towards the edge. Her pursuers now started trying to stop her. Doing their best to convince her to not jump but all she saw in them was reasons, reasons why she felt pain.

She had to get away… away from the pain. She turned

“NO!” roared Alcatraz.

She jumped, or more correctly stepped off the edge. The wind whipping past her surrounding her taking her to her freedom.


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