Human + Technology = Doomsday?ಠ_ಠ

Posted: April 28, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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The words before the words

Right firstly I have a new site and to celebrate who ever writes the first comment gets… a internet based high-five and if I ever find you online some warframe support.

I just realised some of most of my readers aren’t South African and they don’t have the same time as us here in SA ఠ_ఠ so… Those of you in Australia get this a day late… and in America get it on time… so this made me realise I need a more specified time to write my blog otherwise things will get crazy…

Reality Check

Not much has happened as far as my life goes so there isn’t much to talk about. Though the Israel counter still goes on four days to go…

The words

So I recently read two articles one from a friend ” Robots and the future ” and ” How I learned to stop worrying and trust the cyborg ” When I began to think. With all these differing images of the future of humanity alongside robots without robots, whats wrong with robots, what’s right with robots and so on I decided to commit my views to words so when the robot overlords take control they know I was on their side and if they don’t take over the humans will know I was on their side too…

I believe that humanity will not build a robot that will eventually crush it as many movies depict. Rather humanity will merge with its own creation creating a cyborg. The only problems I see with this are how will they merge? What about those who reject this merge? After some pondering I came up with a list of questions and answers;

Q: What will happen?
A: I believe that this process of “embracing the cyborg” will not be things like for example; Super strength(except for possibly national defence and so-on) As there will be laws passed to prevent these (still expect a black market for body enhancements). Instead this process will involve advanced versions of technologies such as the google glasses. Yet instead of being external implanted.

Q:Will robots, Androids take over?
A:No firstly there are enough movies about robots going evil and etc for the scientific community to get the idea no Man-killing robots!

Q:What about those who don’t accept this change what will they do?
A:They will revolt of course possibly start civil and world wars but they will be crushed as technologies such as super strength will be employed.

Q:Who will not accept the change?
A:In my belief those who would not accept this change would be those who stand to lose if this merg were to take place I am talking Labour Unions, and companies that take advantage of people who are underprivileged. As with these technologies will come wide spread easily accessible education and therefore will be able to better fight for themselves with a deepened understanding of their rights.

Q:Why am I doing this
A:I was bored and inspired at the same time…

The conclusion

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