The Words Before the words

Hey there captive audience! So how is you life? Stop right there I know how you can make it better! Get this amazing deal where you could win $1 000 000 are you eager! Do you wonder what would I do if I had $1 000 000! Do you want to know how you can win this much money! You can start by loading your cellphone account with $100 and visiting this website from your mobile! Then one of our attendees will contact you to tell you if you’ve won! Who else has found themselves faced with this or something similar in the past? Interesting how in today’s world we have so much technology to protect us from hackers and so-on yet somehow they always mange to get through. Is our security at fault? No often its us who choose to bypass the warnings virus protection programmes that warn us this site is harmful. Thinking “No I know how these things work I wont get fooled!” and then afterwards lodging a complaint to the Software company for not stopping us from losing our precious data? Yet again is it not so that we often do find ourselves finding a true win and the possibility of get a great prize but we reject trying because its “too good to be true” and that is what I’m going to be talking about today.

Reality Check

Al-right so I’ve been living out my gamer lifestyle with true gusto gaming from dawn until dusk. Also I have re-awakened my inner author and have been writing with intense focus. Well actually no I haven’t… I have been brain storming with gusto though and have formed a basic world. So the ‘world’ is known as Deia and will include the opening part that I wrote in the section My Book!!! That is about all I will tell you about that today! Now ive been skimming through my spam comments and found a couple non-spam comments that I approved but at the same time I have found spam… Lots of it… There is an endless list of the dodgy spam I’ve found. Some of it for porn sites??? and a lot of it that will supposedly increase traffic to my blog. I wont have to get traffic increasing plugins I have you my captive audience to handle that for me! right? (You are feeling sleepy very sleepy… When I snap my digital fingers you wake up you will have the urge to tell everyone you know about this blog *snaps digital fingers*) Ok so I was bored and decided to check what’s going on at the console camps and found that Microsoft in company with The International Gate keeper of weir pies is developing a Pizza Hut app! For the Xbox! Talk about the possibilities. A true first-of-its kind app that lets you customize a pizza on-screen using the 360’s controller, Kinect motions, or voice commands. Your cheesy design gets delivered to your doorstep soon thereafter. Imagine: A Jedi-like wave of your hand. Choose your base. raise swipe for pepperoni no wave again Mushroom. Or with a deep throaty voice “Double cheese”. Watching your pizza masterpiece form on-screen the in a commanding tone “Place Order”. And minutes later your masterpiece arrives at your door steaming you can feel the force flowing through it you and this pizza were meant to be ordained by the force. Seconds later “Omnomnomnomn”

The words

Now onto the words! I left off The words before the words talking about things that are “too good to be true” Like this pizza Hut app for example. Yet who is to say that things are too good for us? What easure is there that tells us what we can and cannot do because it is “too good” for us? Do we not work hard? do we not strive to better ourselves? Why then should things be too good for us? A general thing I have picked up in the bible is that God gave us dominion over the earth. (If you’re not Christian or Jewish I’ll get to you later). That all the animals of the earth were ours to command? Then how so can the tenants of an earth so large not deserve “good” things? I feel that in most all other religions there is a similar view to this (except atheism wherein often the belief is that we evolved from ape). So I ask you why is something “too good for you?” what reason does it have to be “too good for you?” those thoughts lead to failure. Failure leads to anger and anger leads to hate and hate is the dark side.

The conclusion

All of you who were afraid to do something because you though “I’m not good enough to do that” I dare you go out and do it try it you never know you could find yourself loving it and pwning it. Now when will that pizza hut app be done…


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