Robots and The Future

Posted: April 27, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Qouted

A piece I found on a friends blog it’s very interesting


Hey guys! I figured most, if not all people (that translates as the small trickle of humans who actually read this) are pretty bored hearing about my life and how depressing it is; everyone hates me; life sucks etc. so I’ve decided to sway off that topic. Instead I’ll just talk about interesting stuff that’s worth writing about (i.e. not my life).

So this time I have decided to talk about robots. I recently heard about a study put together by some wacky professor somewhere in the world* that stated very soon most occupations will be performed by robots, who will live alongside humans. This is a slightly unsettling thought as without jobs, how can society function? Although the worlds trading system (money) is often less from perfect, it is workable and usable. Other countries cooperate and work together on exchange rates, people have banking systems and we use it to…

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