Time Space Who?

Posted: April 26, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Uncategorized
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The words before the words

Hello audience! Ok so since I don’t know what the title will be I will write and hope a title idea comes to mind here we go!

Reality Check

Great so now my PC is working like a charm. I have finally finished downloading an update that came through for Warfame (A whole 6mb one!)and I am thinking of playing a bit after I am done writing. If I ever finish writing.

Great news I am going to Israel for four days next Thursday so I will hopefully write to you about that while im there get ready for The Israel Diaries parts 1 through 4 and a lot of stupidity.

I think I might finally get around to buying Minecraft the sad part is how i’ve had the game since it was in alpha… My parents Just refused to buy it but look at me now! I’m buying it with (hopefully) my own money.

The words

Right so in the time I was writing Reality check I came to the conclusion of a topic. Time and space how did that come up I don’t know something made me think about Dr.who and well you know it developed. I don’t know how to talk about space and time without boring you soo.

The conclusion

Bye and welcome back to the now of later.



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