The Words Before The Words


Nooo its been too long since I last posted will you ever forgive me captive audience?! Of course you  will I mean look even when I wasn’t writing anything I got 2 follows… So this post will be all about my repentance and re-alignment of my blog.


Reality Check


Al right I need to tell you what I’ve been doing instead of writing my blog. Most of the time I’ve been away from camp but evil PC killer also stopped me for the last day. My PC has yet again recovered and I made doubly sure that Evil PC Killer was gone for good.


Beyond that I finished my re-download of Warframe I started the download for Dota 2 its complete now (There is a 216mb update *sad face*) Also installed Portal 2 (No random updates yay!) Started downloading Planetside 2 (8gb of internet death) brought my TF2(Team fortress 2) from my laptop (Still going through a 10gb download luckily ive already got 7.5gb down) Well that’s about it.

English: This is a logo owned by Valve Corpora...

English: This is a logo owned by Valve Corporation for Dota 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Words


Ok so I think I owe an explanation for the long no-show. well I was away on church camp most of the time! Yes it was awesome I finally got baptised (an amazing feeling goes through me whenever I think that (the same kind that goes through me when I think “I’m getting a graphics card soon!!! GTX690 Nvidia).


That’s where that ends. Moving on to other probably less important

PlanetSide 2 Screens

PlanetSide 2 Screens (Photo credit: Xensin)

matters like the new section i’m adding check it out

The Games

Yes! finally a section wholly and solely based on games and my own reviews and experiences with games. This section will only appear once a week and my contain in-game footage of me being an idiot and getting up to other general non-sense in-game maybe a screen shot or two.

There will also be hardcore bemoaning of my internet and probably as these things always end. A huge glitch swapping party! Yes… I see it now the Minecraft invisible self-reproducing creeper, Skyrim the floating lady! Can’t


WARFRAME (Photo credit: Tamahikari Tammas)

wait for it.

Possibly along with this I could have a few tech reviews and so on we will have to see about that!

Okay to kick this off I will start with the next Xbox with the announcement of the announcement of when it will be announced coming out recently… Well what I personally believe that Microsoft will do is give us an outline of what exclusive games will appear (one upping Sony) also possibly give us a hardware showing, I mean the console itself and everything ( again one upping Sony).

The conclusion

Well I feel that made up for me leaving you! so how about a quote from me to help end off. “behind me there is Shame to my right there are lies to my left there is Danger where I am there is pain so I must move forward onwards.” – Ezra Mugadza

I literally just made that up now… I am a genius… I f you know that quote from somewhere tell me just in case…

In closing

Well now its time for me to get moving Portal awaits! and so does Warframe! goodnight to all.




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