Ahh Procrastination

Posted: April 16, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant

So yet again I write late because I kept putting my blog last on my to-do list so. I also find myself writing from my phone as I just shut down my computer and I am too lazy to turn it back on. So yes this writing will be sloppy in terms of paragraphs and so on.

Good news I have been officially been diagnosed with OCD so my fretting and check is officially a medical(disorder?) Well anyway when I have and OCD attack(get really obsessive over something) you will know why…

So yeah I am officially OCD but I am an extreme procrastinator and ADHD so… Its hard being me!!!

You say he is so not serious about his blog if he’s on holiday and cannot write before the witching hour. Well I say I am serious about this blogging shiz(better watch my tongue don’t know who might be reading)…

So now that I am on my phone yet again inspiration eludes me so I must say good night and ado to all ye men and women.

until we next meet.


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