Posted: April 15, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant

PC Blues

So right I’m using my phone to blog today because my PC died yet again thanks to Ubuntu ‘Dammnit’ because apparently it didn’t like being un installed. So it invaded my system and installed itself wiping my still recovering PC clean (yet again) the only thing stopping me from breaking my PC is Tenacious D. (Wooo deth starr (no I did not spell that wrong thats the name of the song)) so yeah now I’m semi-pissed as I can’t vent online with warframe or TF2(team fortress 2) and other games so I have to read my books (still busy with Les Miserables) oh and did I mention the tab called my book will be revised as my orginal copy of my book (71 pages of A4 awesome) got wiped by Ubuntu(evil).

The point

Well there really is no point today as on my phone inspiration doesn’t come early but this isn’t whaling out there is a difference this time it isn’t my fault its Ubuntu(hereafter known as “evil PC killer”.

until we next meet.


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