I am early!…To write today! | What stupid things I will be talking about from now on.

Posted: April 14, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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Words before the words

So yes I know Let’s visit the famous was a bomb but I can moderately explain myself… You see if I finished that section I would have nothing to talk about today and you know if you have read back that when I have nothing to talk about.

Reality Check

Yes that’s right I have a new section to add! I call it Reality Check (“no Duh”) So this is where I will talk about everything that has happened recently in my life and so on… so yes expect all my angry ranting and raving about Ubuntu my PC and other aspects of my life.

The words

Yes as usual this is where I will have all the things I am talking about… Also I will be adding images! (Yay from the crowd please) Also expect a few hypnosis tricks that will make you want to tell all your friends about this blog. Now look into the screen… You are feeling sleepy… Very sleepy when you wake up you will have the urge to tell everyone about this blog…

The conclusion

Yes as you all know this is where I usually end off with something quirky or witty maybe a little sarcasm… So wait expectantly for all that is to come!



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