Musings of a possible murder victim.

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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Well its official, my friends (and some not so friends but i’m trying!). Want me dead I don’t know why there was no official reason. Other than my close friend Shahil walks up to me during break and tells me. “I have enlisted Anna’s(Check out her blog; help in attempting your murder” Soon almost everyone in our group is agreeing and planning my murder. Could this be the end of my blog? Fear not I hope I can find some dastardly way to avoid this grievous situation!

The Cause

I have no idea what prompted this viscous attack upon me. So now all I can do is hole-up somewhere and hope never to be found… No courage I will stand tall and not fall to this murder attempt!

images (1)

But am I ready to fight and kill those whom I may have once called ore still call friends? HELL YEA(Insanity wolf moment) okay so now i’m quoting and taking on too many meme’s its not funny anymore so I had best get onto the brunt of this blog… Wait today there is none no seriously i’m not at home i’m in the school library and couldn’t find anything to write about so i have actually been scratching for words for quite a while. So i’m just adding in the tags WordPress is giving me in the hope they will give me inspiration…

Though i’m not lying about being wanted dead…

WordPress what tags are recommending?!

I just looked at the possible tags WordPress listed for me and found the among reasonable ones like, Games, Murder there were a number of strange ones like; Domestic violence(WTH am I a abused husband/Wife?) Downloadable(Downloadable Death/Murder…). So I now wonder whether WordPress’ auto tags are at all that smart…


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