The Relevancy Equation

Posted: April 8, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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The Relevancy

This afternoon after school I ran past one of the people who read my blog (I know a real 1 in 7 billion chance). He told me my blog was boring (The audacity!) as it did not talk about anything relevant. I earlier in the week read an article on how Hemingway was a good , example on relevance. By keeping his sentences short. He managed to keep his audience entertained. So now that I think about it I am starting to care about you who like or follow me and now I am beginning to consider changing my general writing style.

You as my captive audience have gained my… caring as I feel a great swelling whenever I read that someone likes my posts or is following. Me so much so that I try me utmost to stop by and look at their own personal blogs.

The Equation

So how will I carry this out? Well here is the Equation;

The Plan

Not only this but it appears that to further my world domination I have to acknowledge you the readers in the hope that this will attract more of you as you tell your friends (Do this liberally). About my blog and therefore spread my fame to all the world. Increasing the possibility of me achieving my goal of 1 view from one person in every country in the world.

To give you and idea of how far away I am of achieving this goal here are a number of the statistics generated by my blog and its following:

The World Domination Map

United Kingdom 29
South Africa 12
Canada 5
United States 5
Australia 2
India 2 

Thanks to the UK for showing the love! Yes I know I’m far off from 1 view form each country on earth, but with your help I can reach this goal. Of course I will have to do some heavy lifting so starting tomorrow expect bigger and better things from this blog!

The Conclusion

So now off from that topic my internet finally pulled through yesterday and completed the download of Warframe. I felt joy rise  deep within the depths of my soul. Then as is decreed by Murphy there was a 2 gigabyte patch released just this weekend… my gaming life is terrible I hate my ISP yet I love them for offering an uncapped bundle option to moderately suit my heavy gaming needs.

The Post-Conclusion

As always I end with something funny or quirky. Today I couldn’t find anything interesting so now I feel awkward…

The Post-Post-Conclusion

Still nothing… Well I guess I should end it there since I’m in the school library and now people are trying to read over my shoulder… I cant wait to get home

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