N00b no Longer!

Posted: April 7, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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Hey hey hey, it’s your beloved writer and leader writing in to you again today on this fine Sunday! Sadly I am not at any exotic location today just me at home in my very untidy room. Before you leave in annoyance as to the lack of new location read on because you will be rewarded.

Its official I have broken the 5 followers mark and I feel amazing! I literally started blogging and have already taken root with awesome followers like;
– The Gaming Grad
– Break Room Stories
– And two other who WordPress doesn’t want to reveal to me Damn you WordPress!!! But lots of thanks to you all!
Also I found that my last post Forced Support gave up two likes! Thanks to Seeberj and AnthonyR for that support.
Now onto the rewards! All those following me receive an imaginary crossbow and a complementary pet air molecule! All those who like my posts will receive a imaginary dictionary and a referral in this post!

Anyway now that the thank yous and giveaways are done I’m moving on to the brunt of my post. Yes as the title suggests i believe I am a blogging N00b no more having finally come over the 10 posts mark and over the 5 followers mark. I also feel I am at the point where I can start bringing in more on my blog so as some of you may have noticed I have a new page on my home page and its called “my book”. I will on a two week basis upload new pages which will contain information about my book. Like I will do today. Today addition will be; Lands and History. So look out and read into that it will be worth your time.

So I was sitting in front of my computer earlier checking MMO‘s playing a couple new games, getting frustrated by my internet (I expended the soft cap) and generally wasting time. When I realized I really boxers get warm easily and surprisingly quickly! I have a pair draped over my arm and they are really heating up my arm! Now you’re probably wondering why I have a pair of boxers draped over my arm? Well that’s a story i would love to tell so it all started ten minutes ago…

Upon leaving my game of Dark Orbit I sat in front of my computer feeling without purpose so in a burst of spontaneity i opened up my drawers and took out a belt. I to pass the time turned up Gangnam style and I danced around a bit with said belt. Then my younger brother walked in complaining about the noise took one look at me and walked out.

I stopped around about the third oppaning of the gangnam style. At which point I found myself again without purpose. So I sat watching my computer slowly download Warframe a third person online free to play shooter on Steam at the same speed an arthritic snail would crawl across a seven-lane highway during summer in the Sahara, through rapidly hardening mud, mixed with quicksand…  when I stood up again, and opened up my drawer scrabbling through I found I was beginning to get cold but instead of listening to reason and closing the window or putting a jacket of I pulled out a pair of boxers sat down pulled them over my head… I then sat there for five minutes contemplating life. when I realized i hadn’t updated my blog.

So I pulled the boxers off my head and draped them over my arm and began typing. Now that I am coming to an end I feel boredom creeping up on me. Warframe please download faster or I will find myself playing Moshi Monsters for a kicks…


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