Terrifying Things I Tell My Children or No Wonder My Kids Don’t Sleep

Posted: April 6, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Qouted

Re blogging this a true challenge of what people call ‘magical’


Written by Emily

My children aren’t great sleepers. But then why would they be? Although I’ve tried everything to encourage them to love their beds, yesterday’s Easter celebration made me realize I’ve also inadvertently told them all sorts of terrifying things, things that have planted little seeds of fear that they can’t really name or understand.

The Easter Bunny:

“Oh, come on,” you’re thinking. “Bunnies are adorable.” Maybe when they’re not the size of a human being. But you’re probably right, there’s nothing scary about a giant rabbit magically entering the house while the little ones are sleeping, depositing eggs in dark nooks and crannies. Where do these eggs even come from? The same place babies come from?! Isn’t the Easter Bunny a he? Gross.

And what was the ONLY animal that bit Noah at the Farm Show? It wasn’t a horse or a goat or even a chicken. It…

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