Alright today I’m writing to you under the blazing sun recording a hockey match for my school. Fear not this will not affect my writing and I will continue to give insanely funny side comments for you to nibble on. Alright so at my school there is this little thing called spirit. We are expected to watch the first team in most of their matches which are periodically stated ‘compulsory’ to help boost school pride and more likely to make the school look good.

Normally I would skip out on these events and often escape the attentions of the prefects but on this special occasion I will actually attend. For a number of reasons mostly because I’m filming the match. What participate? Like hell I would! No seriously I don’t do sport its not in me. People think I don’t participate because I’m lazy or because I don’t ever make a team. Both reasons are partially true but the one reason to rule them all would be I just don’t care much for sport. Other than gaming and karate and before I hear outcries of NO gaming isn’t a sport. Well think about it you need to practice to get better at it and very often you sweat during intense gaming sessions.

Anyway moving on… Now after the match I’m resuming my writing of my post and I am thoroughly annoyed/embarrassed I filmed half the match from the wrong view point! This is terrible beyond this I got an earful about how I supposedly didn’t listen to what we were meant to do! *sighs* I really feel like breaking something now…

Well I hear Runescape is pretty good and if that doesn’t suit I  can always play borderlands watching bandits explode is always fun… So anyway I will leave you at that…


sport (Photo credit: Ilja)

until we next meet.


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