Why so serious }:-]

Posted: April 5, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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So I have been sitting here in-front of my computer, trying to scrape inspiration from the dark if somewhat smelly corners of my brain and have found, nothing. I was almost tempted to put down the pen and leave my blog for a day, I mean what could go wrong? Then of course the other side of me gave me a good smack in the head. I cannot leave my new fledgling  audience unattended what if they cheat on me and go to other blogs. So i raised my chin and began scraping for inspiration googling current affairs and looking for something to talk about or at least complain for around 500 words about.

I found a number of topics including;

-Facebook’s Android re-vamp.
-The North Korea/South Korea issue rising up.
-A number of recent religious violence events occurring around the globe.
-My Cereal I had this morning
-My annoyingly slow internet
-The vast lack of in-browser MMO RPG’s avaliable.

And so on. When I stopped and realized that apart from my cereal, my slow internet and the in-browser MMO-RPG’s the world we live in today is too serious. Too many problems to face for there to be any fun left. Worse those that somehow manage to find fun in this world are often call either; Immature, Childish, Anti-Social or Unattached. How is it that those who can find fun and goodness in today’s world. Can be considered any of these things!?

No! I can feel the seriousness creeping up inside me! Why! why! why! Why so serious! Need to slow down take a breath and look for something stupidly hilarious to say… Aha! I can bring in a little Crystal Saga! (Okay Crystal Saga is an in-browser (don’t judge me) MMO RPG ) Alright so I have a pet bear who goes by the name of Yogoichi[(my clever blend of Yogi and kunoich(a female ninja, )] and I happened to observe a passing turtle and this inspired a thought if i bred a turtle with a bear I get a turtle-bear! Haha humor! No? Well it was worth a try. Well may as well get serious so continuing with the fun and goodness in the world…

Maybe if we all just stepped back and redrew the lines maybe the world would be a better place. If we stopped fighting for what we want and look at what we need and then work up from there we could find ourselves in a dream world. Then maybe all those Immature ones would be seen for what they often really are revolutionaries. Of course not all of them are revolutionaries as some just are immature but we are focusing on the revolutionaries here!

Oh great inspiration and a bit of useless humor! I have done it! I am a spontaneous marvelous genius!

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