The Art of Deduction

Posted: April 5, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Qouted
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I longed for human subjects. Getting down at Dadar station wasn’t something that I was really looking forward to; it was essentially a part of my journey, nothing else. Getting into the A/C coach of the Pune-Mumbai train, I made my way to my reserved seat.

‘Look where you’re going dear, look where you’re going,’ shrieked a woman behind me, as my trolley went over her toe.

I took a glance. Her head, hair, nose, face, jewellery, make-up, eyes, torso, sleeves, hands, fingers, legs and finally, her feet.

‘Kalyaninagar. Perhaps just beside Phenomena Mall. Middle aged, divorced. Fairly rich. New cat perhaps, an expensive one. Planning to sell it I see, interesting. Destination? CST. Corporate worker, head office? IBM research labs, right across the Air India Towers. Be careful of dust, Mumbai is the new dust center. Asthma can sometimes be traumatic. ’

For a moment or two, it was…

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