Look at my assets!

Posted: April 4, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Daily Rant
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Well yes I know this isn’t a week later but at this time I realise that you should at least get to know me before you take me home with you. (Also you need to buy me a drink). So that before we get into this grind of complain and listen without choice I’m going to let you know me and my assets…

I was born on this earth in a country on earth and have since then blessed everyone I meet with my loud and obnoxious presence I have many friends including my PC and my games. My first ‘official’ girlfriend (in other words she knew I was dating her) was of course 15 years old when she ‘hooked’ up with me and left me a week later… So my tales of woe grow but this blog isn’t just about me wait it is its all about me and what I think.(I may have to give way to what you want but its still about me.).

Now onto languages I speak english, Gibberish, and englibish my combination of english and gibberish. I do not use harsh profanity. Well not in modern english anyway.

Beyond this I feel as though there is still more of myself. Let us move on. I am single (ladies anyone???). I am self employed and I do offer a child daycare and fun killing services here’s a text advert; “Hey there are you a single or married parent of young (not younger than 7 because that’s too young for me to go for) children! do you need someone to take care of them well call 081PEDOBEAR for more info!

Trust me? Of course you do. Call the number you will probably regret it but still!

So anyway that’s about all see you next week monday same place same face same awesome sad emotionally and mentally distraught host.

until we next meet.


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