How the Old Days Got Their Name (Part 2)

Posted: April 4, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Qouted


Mostly Bright Ideas

GrandfatherGrown-ups could never stop telling me what it was like when they were young, which always made me feel grateful that I wasn’t alive back then. They didn’t have television, so they had to listen to the radio, or read dull novels about horses and office workers and Californians. Even comic books tried to shove philosophical lessons down everyone’s throat with titles like Crime Does Not Pay and Justice Traps the Guilty. Movies were in black and white and had no talking, and the actors all moved around really fast and hit each other over the head with canes. Little boys dressed like forty-year-old men, and sold newspapers on the corner six days a week. On Sundays they played with hoops that they rolled along the street with sticks, the worst toy ever invented and a pointless activity designed just to keep children outside and as far away from…

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