How the Old Days Got Their Name (Part 1)

Posted: April 4, 2013 by Ezra The Mad in Qouted

This is quite good

Mostly Bright Ideas

SpareTireMy father was a spice salesman. It was a dull and thankless job that required him to visit about three dozen supermarkets every week. He’d finish his workdays coated with nutmeg and onion powder, his hands bleeding from having torn open hundreds of boxes and having extracted thousands of glass bottles from between corrugated dividers.

On Saturdays, he’d sit at his desk and fill out sales reports. He printed in all uppercase letters and blue ink, using thick pads of forms that he’d pull from the oversized brown briefcase that he carried with him, and that always made him look as though he were about to leave for the Far East. I can picture him, even now, dressed in colorful robes, riding a camel along the ancient trade routes across Persia to China, then taking a boat to Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

But the truth is, he never went to…

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