Okay for real this time. I’m back.

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Well after much consideration and contemplation I’ve decided to return to the blogging world I almost pulled the plug on this but when I remembered how fun it was to just put myself out there in the form of little electronic… pages.

Well as proof of that I’m back for good here. is. (drum roll) Another chapter of my book! refined and ready to read also following this post I’ll be looking into various things such as; Tech-news, Gaming news, Movie news and the like so look forwards to that! and until then cya 😉


The forest was still ashes fell from the sky like black snow. The wind that had been whipping through the land had frozen. The restless earth was finally silent. The sounds of battle that had echoed constantly paused, the malice in the air now dissipated and the dark clouds along with it. From the center of the clearing in which the battle had roared its last heave, five figures rose on after another trembling slightly.

The enemy had been subdued, now they began to cast a spell, the enemy encircled by them unstoppable in his malice growled as they began chanting, a spell to seal away and to bind, the wind started up again but gently only flowing softly through the grass.

The magic began to take form, a white flash echoed through the forest, heralding the return of life. The grass sprang out as the darkness was pushed back and destroyed. Animals moved out of hiding as the land was healed. The first a whit snow hare bounding out from a frosty bed of ash and snow.

Though all seemed right the five where crying as the spell completed.

They knew this peace would not last and later it would be left to others to save this world from destruction yet again. The wind grew colder and sharper faster and harsher. The black snow stopped falling but the sun refused to shine the animals quivered. Silence returned the world was mourning, mourning the loss of magic. Yet another shade of magic had ebbed away from the world, it still drained as it was absorbed and scattered, never to be whole again.

The five cried over the loss of this magic and a friend. The wind began to die down the first early rays of the sun lit the world and as the darkness seeped out of the black snow it turned to white. The first animal crawled out of hiding; a hare leading the way for others as the sun gently caressed the grieving world.

So it was the world began a new day from the ashes of the last, the last age of true magic had come to an end. Man as one rose from the rubble of his own cities these sites of Great War between man, beast and all manner of being. Now a settling peace laid itself over the land and there was peaceful silence.

So it was this first day of the new world began and passed but very much unlike any day before, this was a day of reflection looking back at the wars and conflict. Regret, sadness, grief, hopelessness these were the emotions this new world was born to. Yet there in and among this darkness there was light; the light of hope, joy, peace, life, magic.

As this day end darkness settled over the world, but unlike darkness that had been before this wore far more lightly upon the world and so it was on this day the world had dawned without free magic, without magic that was boundless. So was end the age of great magic and so began the age of order, but to last how long?


Oh and this is the old book I just started again from the top fixing stuff after I lost most of the pages >.<


I’m back(for now(hopefully))

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So yeah its been a while(almost a year to be exact) and this blog has been very silent(I apologize). For a number of reasons really but I wont go into those, however in the time I and the other writers on this blog have been away we have had time to develop our individual writing talent. With this I hope we may be able to rekindle this blog perhaps get this old thing back on its feet and start it running in the right direction.

I personally will be looking into writing more book/story focused articles wherein I will slowly egg myself on to writing and publishing my book which was put on hold a number of times for varying reasons. The other writers of this blog may return or may not all I know for certain is that I’m back for now, hopefully, with more tricks up my sleeve and a few surprises.

On that front I suppose that’s it see ya later internet

What’s up all my good looking bloggers.

Today (if the title didn’t give it away) I’m going to talk about why EA should try and continue the Dead Space series.

Okay now before we begin , if you my good sir/madam are looking for a non-bias tale of this, I am not your answer regretably.

Back to buisness on this.
Dead Space is by far one of the best third person horror games I have ever played, close quater combat added the feeling of fear since it got clostrophobic (need i mention those bloody vents, I kept looking at them thinking ‘ I’m watching you… ‘) and because of this you always went frantic looking for that Necromorph that has just popped out. This game also had those constant feelings of despair when you saw the people that are still alive mourning or just crying which maybe wasn’t as scary as the insane doctor in the original Dead Space or our little physcotic in Dead Space 2 Mr Stross and taking Elie’s eye out (be careful you’ll take somebody’s eye out jeez) and this lead to story enhancers which made the game fun to play for story-line. Not to mention sometimes the largest area could be the scariest or the most difficult e.g the original Dead Space where you’re in the agriculturial sector with Necromorphs every where; Dead Space 2 with two horrific areas the mines where you have just come in and there’s a constant back and forth movement since Stross hasn’t left yet or the Church (one freaky place to note,).

Now all those points you just read up there, yes those ones, Dead Space 3 didn’t use those to the best they could, You’re probably going to say what about Elie and what she’s done or the battle against the cold, yes while you are correct they just don’t have those feelings of true isolation or fear since it’s kind of obvious (look obviously they’re good but look at what some close combat can do like on top of the drill in Dead Space 2 or story-line change in the original Dead Space). They just didn’t have it and fighting humans was more often annoying than beneficial for fear (I play Dead Space for crazy mutated creatures that will come to haunt me at night not for people, too Resident Evil (may i still state a game that does it perfectly, Clive Barker’s: Jericho  if you haven’t played it trust me it is insane and also cheap) so I want evolved Necromorphs that show creativity).  Dead Space 3 didn’t have much close quater combat (if you disagree please comment, I like different takes on these things) I know there was a bit but not like it’s predecessors where you were RUNNING and turning back to fire off a few rounds or place some mines).

It did have some really epic things going for it though, for instance these things her.
Upgrade system: Love or hate the old node system this added a true survival feeling, you had collected these resources now you had to think ‘ what will help me the most? ‘ well that added a lot especially the gun choices.
Guns: You decide them that’s EPIC, you might be the guy with a ripper who will add maybe a flame thrower or grenades and I’m that guy who just makes rifles and Javeline guns.
Suites: A new intelligent feel
Multiplayer: Now I am a man for the old version where it’s Necromorphs vs Humans, the new one isn’t as competitive but allows you and your friend a insane experience into fear together so now when you scream like a fiver year old they can hold it against you.

See these are all reasons why I LOVE this series and beg the EA team to continue Dead Space the game Viscreal kicked off. This Series had me playing on Zealot, Hard and at one stage HARD CORE so this game was a real difficult one to beat on such levels but afterwards you were like ‘ YES and I only rage quited about 37 times, I’m so bad ass can’t wait to tell… wait .’

Although after Dead Space 3 their sales flopped and didn’t go to plan I believe if they go back to their roots this game will be worthwhile since they have a brilliant system and innovation driving them and that’s why I love the series and in itself EA (maybe also because they gave me Mass Effect and Command & Conquer: Generals)

Thanks for reading brohansolo and please comment on your opinion or like it if you want more of this type of blog. Thanks a lot guys and you too female gamers (You scarce but worthwhile bunch)
If you enjoyed the game there is a movie about what happened on the USG Ishimuria before Isaac got on board.


What’s up all my good looking bloggers.

I’m sure all of us have definitely written exams in our life (unless you have n’t gone to school and can read this then well done, you should show that off some more you lucky bugger). Now for the rest of us we have to study and well if you’re like me you probably don’t do too much studying and keep putting it off.

Now there are a few people you always see in exams and especially in high school (college in America) now these people are.
The Top 10 person: That person who does extremely well at all the academic subjects. They also get in the 90s range for tests and exams. Now these guys worry over the small thing like ‘ I can’t believe I only got 84%, I’m so angry now I’ll work a a fast food resteraunt.’ Needless to say that is annoying if you get in the 70s.

Average: Well gets the same as the class average or well 70s in my country.

Under Achiever: Now I can speak about this one. It’s that guy who gets marks in the 60s and teachers complain saying he could be top 10 but just doesn’t try. No studying or any real effort just does the tests and the exams. difference is this guy is normally considerably intelligent.

Doesn’t care/ Can’t do it: This guy just doesn’t care or try too much for the work and can’t do it well and his marks go down from the average and normally a large amount down ( 50s at times).

Now for me during the exams here’s what goes through my head ‘ I can do this, it’s not difficult, we got taught this stuff so come one. ‘ Now after the exam I’ll go and talk to my friends who also wrote the exam and they’ll always argue who was right about one question. That’s where I begin to get a little worried (don’t we all). Then I go very religous on it and start asking G-d for help and all to make sure I was right (I’m Jewish by the way). Then I start wondering about all the things i could have got wrong then and here’s where I start worrying a LOT. It all starts with that moment after exams so if you’re still at school or in uni I would say just study and remember you’re work with a little extra time added to you’re studying time. It should help and don’t get in arguments about the questions afterwards that guy who is in top 10 or wants to be there might not be your friend after it (they take it insanely seriously).

So what I would like to know is how you feel about exams or gradings. You know if it stresses you out a

exam results


nd what you do since we are all different and I’ve never been stressed by exams (lucky or maybe not). All I know is that I wish i could go back to pre-primary school with all the knowledge I have now and do it all over (pre-primary is like kinder garden). Thanks for reading drop your comments below or send me an email at mk6420@gmail.com.


What’s up all my good looking bloggers?

Today I’m gonna talk about a game you might not have heard or known before this… Europa Universalis IV, this game is insanely fun as a single-player or multi-player game. I’ll put it this way. (If you have heard of this game please comment below, I’d like your take on this game and what I say about it brohansolo)

The makers of this game is a studio called Paradox who release quite a few games around the RTS genre ( Real Time Strategy ) but this game is their champion title holder ( to me ) here’s why.

This game lets you play as any country in Europe (or the world), the game gives you a historical start where you choose your country or you can swap at any time you choose (great for cheating which is excellent if you’re a noob (like me we all take some time to get into a new game) but you have the power to change history. This game allows you to play even as the smallest nations that get destroyed at the start and if you’re good enough change their fate (that small action might mess up a few countries in the future). For instance I generally play as France ( yes by far one of the easiest and noob countries ), I go on a war path and take out all my rivals I can think of to create the closest thing to modern France which may put me back in technology and how other countries view me but feels great. Now you have to put the income you earn from each state in your country into different sliders which fuel technology advances and how your people fight for you. You also could play a game of diplomacy and make alliances and friendships and make your country through colonization (a small or medium states plan). You could vassalize smaller countries so that you could annex them and grow without a war but here comes in the next problem Revolts.

Revolts are a major part in the game for instance what destroys my country when I don’t place forts in my states and suddenly some new country is formed ( hey look mum look what I did. I made America and lost almost all my colonies).  See people aren’t always happy with their ruler and try to become their own states which are realistic but annoying for the guy who spent half his game making those colonies.  They can rebel for nationalism or because they have a different religion so it’s good to be a people pleaser (brown nosing will keep you alive).

The game when people see me playing the previous one always comments ‘ what you playing, Risk? ‘For some reason I find that very annoying and embarrassing as Risk single player would be a Forever alone moment. Which is why I love the multiplayer where a friend and I will play and team up? I plan with him to attack a power house country with him ( I’m a large country and he is normally a medium country ) then as he declares the war I just don’t join ( Scumbag and troll ) of course he gets wiped out and well we might start over ( Still worthwhile ). This makes the multiplayer totally worthwhile and all my monies just to be playing with my friends but hey the single payer is a brilliant strategy.

Now here comes the reason why Europe is king pin. As European countries you actually tech up while virtually all the other countries don’t do too much the further they are from Europe (Western Europe) so an ally in the far east wouldn’t be too helpful since the tech is relatively old and primitive to Europe’s until the neighbour bonus kicks in (You get discounted tech and extra added if you’re neighbour has better tech which helps even the game). Overall I really do like this game a lot (I hope you do to so I hopefully don’t get lynched). I will definitely buy the new Europa Universalis IV releasing shortly. Thanks for reading and here’s a let’s play (the only one at current)

Hope to see all you good looking bloggers again and remember comment below

Europa Gameplay

I’m not taking photos of you just using this camera to look at you….

I don’t think this even needs a description… Worse this happened at school…

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Start of the week

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Whats up my Loyal Ninjas. I’m Kondi17 a new author for Contemporary thoughts. If you don’t know yet I have another blog at http://www.Kondi17.wordpress.com, called All About Awesome where I talk about some movie news and other Awesome stuff. Anyway I’ll be using this blog to chat about my general life as described in my post on my other blog. Lets get started. Isn’t it complicated being a Teen? I mean on top of all the pressures of school, theres the pressure of dating and other social stuff like being cool. Back when we were younger no one cared what we looked like or what we wore it was you that mattered. Now as a Teen you have to worry about your hair, your clothers and how you approach yourselves. you need to have the latest phones, the coolest car and the list goes on and on. Anyway enough about that stuff lets talk about my week. We have exams and I think there going well. Though lets be honest I didn’t study as hard as I could have for them. I have a ton of friends and I love, movies. I in fact want to be a movie director when I grow up. I love Marvel its my favourite of all comic companies, I even have ideas for movies and comics but I can’t get a hold of Stan Lee’s email address. Hey, it would be amazing if one of you could get me his email address if you happen to have it I don’t know it would be awesome. If you want I could put up a poll on my other blog and share some of my ideas, let me know on the comments section and I’ll get right to it, see if you people wanna hear my ideas. I’ll also be putting up cool riddles and stuff on my other blog set up as a poll. This will be done weekly on Fridays. That is when I post, Fridays. Anyway let me know, comment, share and check out my other blog All About Awesome http://www.Kondi17.wordpress.com Peace Out Ninjas

Our Numbers Grow

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Hey so I’m back! Just pretend that two week or so long gap never happened, to help you get over it I have also enlisted…. A new writer!!! Yes that’s right it will no longer be just boring old me writing but now we have a second writer(Editor really). Say a big hello to Shahil Poonsamy, William Shoki, Daniel Lee, Kondwani Mwanza otherwise known as thef0rg0ttenbl0g(A bit of a keyboard-full I know), Shokispeare, dan2506, Kondi17 their first post should be up so look forward to some crazy stuff. Also in honor of our new writers I am updating the blogs Theme and background images (Yay pretty stuff)

So I have been sitting here all weekend listening to Eagles and playing HALO 1 and a couple other games’ multiplayer and i realized I haven’t studied for next weeks exams. Naturally I began stressing then as if on cue, Eagle’s Pretty Little Maids All In A Row played. Then I just stopped, I wasn’t thinking or moving, just sitting listening to the song, and when it was over I sat up, grabbed my mouse and started watching a movie thus stopping myself from guilt tripping myself into studying because I wasn’t wasting my time playing games instead of studying physics, I was using my time watching movies instead of studying physics. I am a terrible example for anyone who wants to get good marks in school to follow.

Well this is me.

The Smoken Mirror

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I stand and staring into the supposed “other” dimension. The me beyond this barrier stares back at me, our movements the same. This is me or me in another place, I am me but the me staring back at me is not the me I know to be me, this me is a me I have never considered, possibly the true me? This me that has friends, enemies, acquaintances, first and last loves. Maybe this is me a reflection of me?

What if there are other me’s endlessly destroyed and reconstructed by my actions and those around me? Are there more of me surely if the me I see in my mind is different to the me I see now then there are more me’s in  the eyes and minds of others? If so is there really a true me or am I just a collection of memories and opinions kept by others and myself? Yet if I can have an opinion and memories of myself the I truly do exist and if I do exist there must be a true form of me, but how do I unearth this true me?

This me that seemingly hides in the shadow that I only ever get a glimpse of confused and distorted as if through a smoken mirror? This tireless search for me through others and myself, through my memories and opinions, my ideas and thoughts, my writing and speech. This staring into the smoken mirror that reflects me and that within me, my blog this is my smoken mirror and my search for myself through it.

So my choice of blog name really isn’t just for the sake of sounding cool or something like that. This is where I keep my ramblings that are the result of my daily struggle to get through life(with a little fun on the way).

Ezra Definitions:
“Smoken Mirror” a warped and smoke-tinted mirror that does not reflect clearly but rather distorts the image it is meant to reflect.

Stress Bomb

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You stand frozen as if made of stone. There before you the timer ticks down slowly. 30 seconds you have that long to run or fight, the red numbers flick down slowly 20 seconds you’ve wasted 10 seconds already. Time is running out on you your brain normally bustling with thoughts and ideas is now frozen, not a single thought crossing its surface a still lake of your thoughts that normally roar like the sea. 10 seconds you have ten seconds left as time marches on. 9…8…7…6…5… You tremble 4…3…2 You whimper …1…”Why me?”…0…

This probably hasn’t happened to you before, chances are if it had you wouldn’t be able to read this. Yet we as humans act as if often impossible scenarios are exactly the same. We let ourselves get easily stressed when in realistically what is stressing us is not that big of a deal. Stress and worry is something we all feel and it is probably one of the biggest negatives you could let into your life (I feel like I’m slowly descending into madness or possibly awakening my inner psychologist). Though stress in, must stress(pun), in small quantities is good for us as it allowed us to know what is directly affecting us. We as humans tend to allow too much stress into our lives and this leads to negative side effects varying from socially detrimental all the way to fatal.

A second problem with stress is the manner in which it is treated. Often you would find that a parent or older person would put down the stress felt by those younger, in the belief that the stress they experience is “nothing” compared to what they have to handle. The greatest problem with this is that those in the older generation(s) do not realise that though the stress they feel may be more intense to them the younger generation(s) own stress is something that weighs heavily upon them. As the younger generation having lived a shorter amount of time has experienced less, and so to them the stress they feel is the largest possible amount of stress as far as their experience permits.

The third and final problem with stress is the how it comes or how we create it. We often worry about lots of things that there is no need to worry about. In my limited experience I have found that;
55% of things that we worry about will never happen.
30% of the things that we worry about have already happened.
14% of the things we worry about we can do nothing about.
And only 1% of the things we worry about will actually happen.

So quite simply I believe the best thing we can possibly do is learn to live and let go. To do this we need to do stress relieving things like;
Reading books
Eating healthy
And all those other things that may sound very cliché. Yet maybe we are told these same methods over and over again for a reason, because they actually work and have proven to be the best methods possible.

Oh and to explain the six day absence I was away from home and my phone was not working.